The Change Manager’s Handbook

The Change Manager's Handbook

The Change Manager’s Handbook is an easy to read, step by step guide to sustainable change. It is written by Harley Lovegrove, an internationally renowned expert in change management. Harley has an extremely successful track record in managing change in all kinds of organisations. From giant multi-nationals to small family businesses, Harley has tackled them all. The Change Manager’s Handbook is full of proven practical tips and tricks to guide the reader through even the most complex change assignments. It even has its own downloadable ‘Toolbox’. The toolbox contains more than forty project ready templates. It even includes tools and cartoons. Every Change Manager will find the Toolbox useful to bring about change their organization.

The Change Manager’s Handbook explains the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of change management in a clear and entertaining way. It also explains the ‘Why’. For example: Why obtaining executive buy-in is so important. Why it makes sense to build a ‘Mood Matrix’ before building a communication plan. Why training should be seen in two parts, Education and Training and not just training.

In The Change Manager’s Handbook, everything is clear and makes sense.  Even readers with little or no experience in change management or project management will find it easy to follow.

Harley Lovegrove invented a change methodology to enable organizations to know precisely when they are ready for change. Now commonly known as ‘OR’ (‘Organisational Readiness’) it is a beautifully simple way of focusing a change project around a single set of criteria. Organizational Readiness motivates and guides organizations through the change process.

‘Organizational Readiness’ has saved businesses around the world, hundreds of thousands of euros in wasteful inefficiencies. Its utter simplicity is baffling at first, but once you start using it, you’ll never go back to the way you worked before.  Harley has change forever the way organizations assess when they are ready for ‘Go-Live’.

The Change Manager's Toolbox


The Change Manager’s Toolbox contains everything you need. From detailed Microsoft Project change management plans to communication templates. It also contains charts, guides and spreadsheets. The star of the toolbox is Harley’s ‘Mood Matrix’ which ensures that every communication is relevant, powerful, fun and engaging.



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